Solar Panel Cleaning in Henderson NV

Solar panel cleaning in Henderson NV is important to keep your solar panels working properly. Your solar panels were quite an investment but are no good if they are not maintained properly. While many don’t think about the maintenance, it is very important to keep them working in the proper manner as well lasting for a long time. We at Barron’s Solar Wash Company take Solar panel cleaning in Henderson NV very seriously.

Our water is specially filtered to ensure that you have nothing but the finest water washing your solar panels. We want to ensure that there are no chemicals involved or that we leave behind mineral deposits. The process is very important to have the very best outcome. We take our water purification systems very seriously to ensure that your solar panels are treated with the very best solution. We also have a boar hair bristle brush that is used to ensure there is no damage or scratches done to your solar panels. This process is very similar to a car wash where we will wash and rinse the panels to ensure all debris and mineral spots are removed. The purified water acts as a sponge for minerals and lifts them up and off without much effort.

While we are doing the Solar panel cleaning in Henderson NV we also take a minute to inspect the solar panels and the areas around them. Solar panel structures can be amazing for birds to build nests in, well, they seem to think so. We are happy to ensure that your structure is nest free from birds and other critters while we are there.

Quick roofing inspections included

We will also do a quick inspection of the roof. We want to ensure that the area is free from any damage and is holding up well. Our inspections not only include the solar panel structure but while we are there, we will look and the valleys of the roof and chimney and give it an overall good look in general. This will assure you that there are no other visual issues that should be tended to. This is a value-added service. Many of the competition fail to do this for clients. We feel that if we are already up there, why not take a look around. While we are not professional roofers, anyone can see there are missing shingles or a problem with the attachment of the solar panels.

This affordable Solar panel cleaning in Henderson NV solution will have you wondering why you didn’t call sooner. Taking care of your solar panels is important. You made an investment in solar panels and you want that investment to last into the future. Over time, your solar panels will accumulate a film that needs to be cleared off in order to have them work at their best. This layer of dirt and grime is from the air that carries pollen and pollution. When this happens you can see as much as a 20% loss in power production. The powerful rays of the sun are blocked by this film.

Cleaning your solar panels often is recommended.

You should consider having your panels cleaned once every 6 months. However, some go a little longer. This ensures that there isn’t a build-up that will impede the power production of the panels. We offer easy to pay payments through PayPal to allow our clients to make payments without interest. Because of this, we feel there isn’t any reason that people shouldn’t get their panels cleaned on a regular basis.

There are never harsh chemicals used on the panels. We only use the purest reverse osmosis deionized water to lift the mineral deposits and wash the panels back to their glory. All solar panels need a good cleaning once in a while. Whether you are looking to set up a maintenance schedule or noticed that your panels are looking pretty bad, give us a call.

Barron’s Solar Wash Company is professionals. We have worked around solar panels for years. Our company is licensed and insured and ready to assist you with all of your solar panel needs. This can include things such a washing, inspection, and protecting your solar panels. If you are looking for solar panel cleaning in Henderson NV, Call today!