Cleaning, Inspection, and Protecting Solar Panels in Henderson, Las Vegas and Boulder City NV

We offer cleaning, inspecting, and protecting solar panels in the Henderson, Las Vegas and Boulder City NV area. As professionals we are properly trained to ensure that your solar panels are working they’re very best. We take the time to go over what we find as well as take images of anything we see while on your roof. We don’t want you to take our word for it, these images will show you what we see.

While we are up there inspecting the solar panels, we will also take a good visual of their structure as well as the roof. Over time the rain will start to cloud up your solar panels. This makes them not work properly and not produce as much energy as they could. Getting your panels properly cleaned with purified water is needed. The purified water will soak up any mineral deposits that have been left on your panels.

Look for pest infestations in the solar panel structure.

When inspecting we will look for any signs of pests within the solar panel structure. Pests love the solar panel structures for nesting and can make a real mess. We will do a little poking around to ensure that you don’t have any nests made in your solar panels as this can lead to chewed up wires and fecal matter getting onto your panels. We will also make sure they didn’t do any damage should we find something. If we do actually find something we will be giving them an eviction.

While we are on your roof we will do a quick roof inspection. While we are not professional roofers, if we see something out of place, we believe you should know. We can also throw down anything that might have gotten stuck up there such as a football or Frisbee. Getting on your roof is a bit of a chore for many homeowners, which is why we include these in our services. It is one way that we go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Solar panel protection Henderson, Las Vegas and Boulder City, NV

Protecting your solar panel investment is important. After all, it was a rather large investment and should be cared for properly to get the most out of the solar panels. This means that you will need to have proper inspections as well as a clean schedule set up. If you are unsure about how often your solar panels should be cleaned, ask! This is a fairly inexpensive way to keep your solar panels in tip-top condition and working properly.

We work in all of Henderson and Boulder City NV on all different types of solar panels to ensure that homeowners are getting the most out of their investment. We take great pride in what we do and it shows. All of our technicians are ready to answer any of your questions or concerns. If you are new to solar panel ownership, welcome. This is an exciting time to get depth knowledge of your investment from the guys that clean and inspect them day in and day out. Call today.